About Hard Core Yoga

Our goal at Hard Core Yoga is to provide a fun, welcoming, inclusive environment for everyone to experience the benefits of yoga. When you walk through the door to the studio you will be welcomed warmly by our caring, experienced instructors, and our amazing and compassionate students. There is a great variety of experience levels at Hard Core Yoga, with many students who are just discovering yoga for the first time all the way to advanced practitioners who can effortlessly float into a handstand. The common theme with all of our students is mutual encouragement…we are all here to grow, deepen our practice, and enjoy ourselves, and there is a beautiful deep respect for every single student, regardless of ability or experience.

In this fast paced, high octane world that we live in today most of us feel like our life is maxed out. Exercise is such an essential component in maintaining a healthy, balanced life, and the great thing about our practice at Hard Core Yoga is we can build tremendous strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility while providing stress relief and the ability to remain present and mindful in our actions…on and off of our yoga mat.

How to Reach Us


2508 Willakenzie Rd. Eugene, OR 97401

About Chelsea

Chelsea has been practicing yoga since the age of 10, but really felt a passionate draw toward teaching in her mid 20s. After exploring many styles of practice she opened Hard Core Yoga, a strength based vinyasa studio, in her hometown of Eugene, OR in 2011.

Her first love is vinyasa flow, where the asanas & breath come together to create a moving meditation. Chelsea believes the true gift of this practice lies in learning to flow with ease, peace, and presence when the physical practice is challenging.

She never shies away from strength-based core work and kick butt inversions, but always looks for the yin and fluidity to that type of asana yang. This blend of styles has lead her to work with many athletes, developing and teaching sport-specific classes for several University of Oregon athletic teams as well as many professional athletes ranging from runners to MLB pitchers.

Whether she is working with yoga beginners or elite athletes, Chelsea's goal is always to allow the practice to support, enhance, and add joy to the lives of her students.

"There is no better feeling than watching a student grow in the process of their practice. Sometimes it is relief from chronic pain or injury, sometimes it's catching a float in handstand, sometimes it is embracing pranayama and meditation as a way to cope with anxiety...but it's ALL yoga. Being able to facilitate the beginning of this journey with my students and supporting them along the path has been a tremendous source of joy that I am always grateful to experience."


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