Hard Core Yoga Level 1

This is a vinyasa flow class designed to be accessible to students who are new to yoga. We will work on strength and balance in a series of basic poses and transitions with explanation of alignment and modifications. No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class.

Hard Core Yoga Level 2

A dynamic vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on the importance of strengthening the core and challenging the body to find a new edge. We will occasionally offer more advanced poses, but for the most part this class will be a steady, continual flow to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and breath control. Prior yoga experience is reccomended but not required.

Power Flow

A 45 minute vinyasa flow class designed for those of you with a busy schedule! We will cut right to the chase with 40 minutes of strength based sun salutations, warrior sequences, and balance postures followed by a short cool down. Because of the short length of this class the flow will be fast so prior yoga experience is recommended.

Restorative Yoga For Athletes

Restore and recover with this gentle, relaxing class. We will progressively release areas of the body that tend to get tight and immobile from athletic activity (or just daily life!). Focusing on points like the hips, hip flexors, hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders, this class will keep you mobile and comfortable so you can continue to participate in the activities you love injury free. *You do not need to be an athlete to enjoy this class, as our most gentle and slow paced practice we recommend yoga beginners start out with this class too!

Kettle Bell Flow

This is a total holistic experience! Chelsea & Will will lead you through this innovative strength-training class that alternates our signature power flow sequences with kettlebell movements. Students will explore unparalleled body-strengthening exercises and experience a full-body training session. Each class is choreographed to force your muscles out of their comfort zone, increasing strength while enhancing flexibility and stamina. Together lets reach a new horizon and create an empowered body.

Kettlebell Circuit

Increase strength, endurance, and metabolism with our Kettlebell Circuit class! After a mobility focused warm-up we will work through several high intensity kettlebell and body weight circuits to get your heart pumping and sweat pouring! Followed up with a short cool down and core sequence, this class is intense but still focuses on mindful, safe movement. Prior kettlebell experience is recommended but not required.

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Private Session

Private lessons provide a setting in which your individual goals can be addressed. A series of poses and breath work will be chosen specifically to meet your needs combined with verbal instruction, demonstration, and hands on adjustment. Whether you need to modify due to an injury or are interested in learning advanced arm balances and inversions, a private lesson will give you a deeper understanding of the many benefits of yoga. Individual and private group lessons are available.

Now You Can Practice With Us Anytime, Anywhere!

Hard Core Yoga now has classes available to stream online! Choose from our signature Power Flow or Restorative Yoga For Athletes classes, or bundle them together to get the best of both styles of practice.

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