Hard core yoga

Hard Core Yoga

Hard Core YogaHard Core Yoga Level 1

This is a vinyasa flow class designed to be accessible to students who are new to yoga. We will work on strength and balance in a series of basic poses and transitions with explanation of alignment and modifications. No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class.


Hard Core Yoga Level 2

A dynamic vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on the importance of strengthening the core and challenging the body to find a new edge. We will occasionally offer more advanced poses, but for the most part this class will be a steady, continual flow to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and breath control. Prior yoga experience is reccomended but not required.


Power Flow

A 45 minute vinyasa flow class designed for those of you with a busy schedule! We will cut right to the chase with 40 minutes of strength based sun salutations, warrior sequences, and balance postures followed by a short cool down. Because of the short length of this class the flow will be fast so prior yoga experience is recommended.


Advanced Power Flow

Our signature Power Flow practice with added arm balances, binds, and inversions. Prior yoga experience is strongly recommended for this class.


Vin/Yin Flow

Re calibrate and restore. A powerful rhythmic vinyasa practice to build heat and release toxins, balanced by passive yin-style poses held for an extended duration to release stress, connective tissue, and promote deep relaxation.


Restorative Yin

This slower and deeper practice is the perfect balance to our strength-based Vinyasa classes. Emphasizing longer and passive holds of seated asanas, deeper release, and less effort, Yin yoga is meant to free up tension that forms around muscles and joints. Our Yin classes invite you to relax in postures as a mean to soften the body and mind.

Restorative Yoga For Athletes

Do you have tight hamstrings, hips, or lower back? Do you want a stronger core? Can't touch your toes? Are you looking for a way to improve your athletic performance? Then this class is for you! We designed this class for runners, cyclists, competitive sports athletes, hikers, or anyone who has tight muscles from years of athletic wear and tear. We will guide you through yoga poses specifically designed to provide relief for tight muscles. By improving flexibility and balance through yoga you will see a marked improvement in your athletic performance.


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Private Session

Private lessons provide a setting in which your individual goals can be addressed. A series of poses and breath work will be chosen specifically to meet your needs combined with verbal instruction, demonstration, and hands on adjustment. Whether you need to modify due to an injury or are interested in learning advanced arm balances and inversions, a private lesson will give you a deeper understanding of the many benefits of yoga. Individual and private group lessons are available.


HCY Warrior Yoga Teacher Training Course

Jennilee’s Hot and Not-Hot Warrior Yoga is the BEST of both Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. In six months you will learn the 50-plus posture sequence that is this style of Warrior Yoga, the history and philosophy of both classical and modern-day yoga, the language and mythology of yoga postures, the eastern and western approach to human anatomy, tools and techniques to help with injury prevention, the art and science of assisting, and how to teach various styles of both hatha and vinyasa flow yoga.


www.HotWarriorYoga.com for more info.




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